Many questions that are frequently asked in social groups, but this one, in particular, makes my heart ache: “Are Puppy Pee Pads a Good Idea?” or "Am I a bad dog mum if we use puppy pads?"

Naturally, the response is no.

We commit to providing a puppy with the happiest and cosiest existence possible when we bring them into our home. However, training them, attending to their requirements, and maintaining their health requires tenacity and patience. Reusable puppy pads (we always advise a more environmentally friendly option) may be a crucial tool for pet parents from when their animals are puppies until they are elderly.

Are Puppy Pads a Good Idea

What are Puppy Pee Pads?

Reusable puppy pads from Australia show your dog where to relieve itself. All dog owners can benefit from using dog pee pads, whether elderly dogs who occasionally have accidents or young puppies who need to be potty trained. They are handy if you live in an apartment building or take your dog on long automobile trips where it could be challenging to relieve yourself outside. But are training pads for puppies toxic? Or, is it a good idea to use puppy pads?

Reasons of People Using Puppy Pads Longer

It would be fantastic if every dog had access to a secure, gated yard where they could relieve themselves whenever they felt like it.

However, not everyone is as fortunate.

  • Some individuals reside in wooded locations with raptors, so if their tiny dog is left outside alone for even a brief length of time, they risk being swooped up and killed.
  • Some folks need to restrict their dog's time outside to keep them safe—I've even heard of birds chasing dogs when the rest of their family was in the yard.

Are Puppy Pads a Good Idea

  • Apartment living is common. If they don't live in a safe neighbourhood, they might not be able to walk their dog after dark.
  • There are some impaired people. For example, they might struggle to take their dog for a walk on bad days because of invisible disabilities like fibromyalgia.
  • Puppy pads are sometimes used by people whose dogs can't wait till they get home from work since they work full-time. So they'd instead use puppy pads and then take a chance that their dog will develop a kidney or urinary tract infection due to holding it in for too long.

Are Puppy Pads a Good Idea

So, "Are Puppy Pads a Good Idea?". You don't have to take this question personally if someone ask it & says they don't like puppy pads, no matter why you use them, and you don't owe any explanation to anyone.

Are Puppy Pee Pads a Good Idea?

As puppy parents, you might discover that despite your dedication to housebreaking, your efforts are not always successful. Training is a lengthy process requiring reliable repetition and appropriate access to the outside area. The best answer is to let your dog relieve himself outside; however, potty pads occasionally have a place in practical potty training. For instance, going out frequently with very young puppies is vital.

Are Puppy Pads a Good Idea

For senior owners or apartment tenants, that can be too difficult. Alternatively, until your puppy is fully immunised, you might want to minimise exposure if you don't have a backyard and your dog uses a public restroom.

Puppy Pee Pads for Puppies with Urinal Problems

Then there are the leakers who are simply uncooperative because they are anxious or eager. What about the skilled adult dog that has begun to leave nocturnal puddles of urine, maybe indicating the beginning of incontinence? An older dog having trouble controlling its bladder or a sick pet who depends on our assistance can lead to nasty situations.

Puppy pads are the solution chosen by dog owners in these circumstances. Puppy pads that are either disposable or washable. And should you be considered a terrible parent if you want to use dog incontinence pads and let your dog relieve itself inside?

Are Puppy Pads a Good Idea

Uncompassionate remarks on various social media platforms might lead pet parents who are coping with these problems to believe that they are doing something incorrectly. In a nutshell, the message is that they are unfit parents who are unworthy of caring for their furry child.

Please know that we appreciate your efforts to provide your dog with a better life and that you are an excellent dog parent 💕.

Understanding Your Dog’s Incontinence

A disorder known as urinary incontinence causes your pet to leak pee unintentionally. All dogs are susceptible to this illness, although some elements—including age, weight, heredity, and spaying or neutering—can raise the risk of diminished bladder control.

The reasons for your dog's incontinence can vary widely.

  • Puppy house training is still in its infancy; therefore, this type of poor or insufficient instruction is widespread.
  • "submissive urination" refers to involuntary urine leaking brought on by stressful or exhilarating circumstances.
  • elderly canines with diminished bladder control or those with underlying medical issues
  • Incontinence can also be brought on by medical disorders such as urinary tract infections, bladder blockages, cancer, spinal problems, prostate problems, and USMI.

are puppy pads a good idea

Your dog may be incontinent if you've observed that they've started to leave behind urine patches or puddles in the morning. Although incontinence may initially seem like a bother, it might also be a warning indicator of neurological or physiological issues. As a result, you should never skip a vet appointment.

Fortunately, most animals with incontinence respond favourably to medication and therapy. Puppy pads that are washable and reusable may be the best option for you and your pet in the interim.

Reusable Puppy Pads - Compassionate And Sustainable Solution

Over 10% of dog abandonments are due to the animal's undesirable behaviour. Many owners turn to shelters because they can no longer handle incontinence and submissive urine.

You can continue to provide for your dog while reducing the number of waste products you use and helping the environment by using reusable and washable puppy pads.

are puppy pads a good idea

DryPaws puppy pad is robust, washable in the machine, and designed to handle ANY abuse your pet may dish out. So feel free to bring your pet along whenever and wherever you like! Here are some of the traits we take the most pride in.

Multilayer Absorption

The revolutionary construction of the DryPaws Washable Puppy Pads uses three layers to control leaks and absorb odours. Because it is cosy and fluffy, your dog will be drawn to use it naturally!

Quicker and more efficiently absorb fluids than disposable puppy pads—aids in avoiding the tracking of dog waste as well.

The most important part is the inner layer of Japanese bamboo, which is supposed to absorb yellow stains and get rid of odours. Moreover, no liquids will penetrate thanks to our PVC waterproof mattress barrier and non-slip safety coating so that you can relax.

are puppy pads a good idea

Save Money, Save Environment

Put these washable dog pads in the washer instead of the disposable ones immediately. Dry Paws' reusable dog pads enable you to conserve resources and the environment.

Anti Slip Design

Dry Paw's sturdy puppy pads include a bottom made of silica gel that prevents slipping. Thanks to the backing's capacity to withstand leaks and slides, your floors will remain dry.

Multiple Usage

DryPaws Reusable Puppy Pads are great for crates and carriers during travel, whelping, incontinence (uncontrolled urination), severely ill dogs or cats, protecting belongings and floor coverings from pet fur and dirt, lining kennels and playpens, maintaining surfaces after surgery, placing under food bowls and litter boxes, and for trips with your puppy.

Final Words

Every pet owner will have a different relationship with their animal. Some people find it easy to maintain a pet. Additionally, these owners find it simple to make snap judgments about other circumstances and provide advice that may not always be applicable. However, it is always important to remember that your puppy is unique, including her living situation, medical history, and training. Consult your vet and take the appropriate action for you and your dog.

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