When it's time to eat, does your dog devour his food like a vacuum in a matter of seconds? Or perhaps he gulps down things quickly without taking the time to savour them.

You might find the answer you're looking for in a dog snuffle mat. Mealtimes can be extended up to 10 times longer thanks to these unique mats that conceal goodies and food inside. We've compiled all the details you require regarding these mats right here. Happy reading!

What is Dog Snuffle Mat?

An example of a dog puzzle toy is a snuffle mat. They're made to conceal dry food, making it harder to eat and motivating dogs to use their hunting prowess to find it. A mat base made of rubber, fabric, or plastic makes up a snuffle mat. Then, long tails of fabric (often fleece) are knotted or sewed into the base, appearing as though they are stalks of grass. The dog will have to search for dry food, treats, or kibble if they are sprinkled into the mat.

Dog Snuffle Mat

The majority of dogs adore using snuffle mats because it enables them to use their keen sense of smell to find food. They come in different sizes and shapes. Your dog will have a harder time solving the problem if you have a snuffle mat with lengthy fleece strips. Your dog will have an easier time with the puzzle if the fleece strips are short. Dog owners frequently begin with shorter strips and progress to longer strips over time.

How to Use a Dog Snuffle Mat

Dog snuffle mats are simple to use and excellent for giving your dog mental stimulation. The kibble for your dog should be placed in the snuffle mat for them to find. If you don't give your dog kibble, you can hide some treats in the mat for him to find.

Sprinkle the snuffle mat with a handful or cup of your dog's prefered treats, kibble, etc. Start by making it simpler by positioning the rewards directly at the top of the mat. Snuffle mats are a fantastic method to assist your dog burn off energy and reduce boredom while also keeping you and them amused!

Dog Snuffle Mat

Dogs should be watched while using the snuffle mat, as is the case with all games and toys. Once your dog has consumed all of the food or treats, take it away to stop them from chewing the mat or urinating on it.

First Time Using a Dog Snuffle Mat?

Place three to five highly appetising treats on top of the dog snuffle mat and cover them loosely with fleece. As your dog learns to locate the treats, stay by their side. You can ask the dog to sit or give the command to "Leave it" if they start to lift or tug at the mat. Then point out the snacks on the mat to them to entice them to keep smelling. Your dog will continue to enjoy sniffing for treats thanks to this behaviour rather than picking up the rug, shaking it, or burrowing in it.

Put the Ruffle Snuffle away once the dog has discovered all of the treats. For the first few days, perform this exercise twice daily. By doing so, the activity of sniffing will become associated with the treat-finding reward.

Dog Snuffle Mat

After that, you can increase the fun factor by burying the snacks further into the mat. Then you can combine the extremely good rewards with regular kibble and eventually switch to hiding only kibble occasionally with delightful treats.

Most dogs will learn to quietly smell the entire mat while looking for their treats after approximately three to four sessions.

Tips And Tricks For The Dog Snuffle Mat

I've learned a few things from my dogs on how to make the most of a dog snuffle mat. First off, while it's simple to just scatter kibble or treats on top of the mat, "hiding" treats inside the mat makes it more interesting and challenging. To make it more difficult for your dog, work the treats deeply into the mat's folds with your fingers.

Additionally, cutting your goodies into tiny pieces is a smart idea. Small morsels that are dispersed over the mat are more difficult to detect than large ones and will lengthen the game.

I advise using a snuffle mat for the dog to monitor play, especially when you first introduce it.

My dog once started chewing on the fleece of a snuffle pad, which he would eventually have ingested. Parents of habitual chewers need to exercise caution.

In cases where there are multiple dogs around, it's also a good idea to keep an eye out for territorial behaviour. The usage of a separate snuffle mat would be preferable.

Use when feeding a full meal. A snuffle mat is perfect for adding a few additional treats, but you can also use it to serve your dog a complete dinner. They'll consume food more slowly and keep themselves busy for a long time.

Dog Snuffle Mat

Use for really effective mental exercise. A 60-minute stroll is said to burn about as many calories as 15 minutes of nosework on the snuffle mat, according to some trainers! Exercise for the mind is just as vital as exercise for the body.

Wash often to decrease bacteria. Before placing the mat in the washing machine, shake it out or go over it with your hands to get rid of any food or treat fragments.

Think about how often your dog normally eats. Like other food toys, snuffle mats can not be appealing to free-fed dogs. To challenge your dog to use both his body and mind to get his food, use food toys. He might not care if food is always available to him in a bowl. Of course, you should heed your veterinarian's recommendations here, but the majority of trainers advice giving your dog meals rather than constant access to food. It opens up a world of food enrichment and training games. Additionally, it enables you to detect abnormal eating patterns in your dog much more rapidly.

The final word? There are many interactive puzzle toys available, but I find that this straightforward mat works just fine, especially as the weather changes and the length of the treks shortens.

Dog Snuffle Mats - Create Boundary And Teach Proper Use

Setting up boundaries will guarantee that your dog gets the most use out of their snuffle mat. For instance, I always store my snuffle mats after the dogs have finished their hunting to prevent any harsh play.

Like everything else, your dog should only use your snuffle mat if you are around to supervise them. When they are done foraging, some dogs will flip the mats over or attempt to tear at the fleece pieces. By being present to oversee and prevent this behaviour, you can make sure that your snuffle mat lasts for more than a few meals. If your dog starts pulling at the fleece, teach them how to use the mat properly by redirecting their behaviour.

When Do You Use a Dog Snuffle Mat?

You can use the dog snuffle mat:

  • For mealtime to provide them with additional mental stimulation. Have a dog that eats everything in sight? They can hit the brakes by eating off their snuffle mat!
  • On days when the weather is simply unfavourable and there is little chance for outdoor activity.

Dog Snuffle Mat

  • Bring the snuffle mat with you if your dog is anxious in strange or particular surroundings (it's portable, woohoo!) and permit your dog to snuffle to aid in their acclimatisation and comfort.
  • If your dog is on a restricted exercise regimen while recovering from a procedure or injury.
  • Give them a suitable activity to do when you need a little "me time" so they don't choose an improper one on their own!
  • Anytime you want! Dogs can always use a little more amusement and mental challenge.

Why Mental Enrichment is Important For Dogs?

For dogs, mental stimulation is crucial because it promotes their instinctive behaviours by giving them a variety of experiences that sharpen and engage their senses. Unwanted and/or destructive behaviours may result from a lack of mental stimulation.

Dog Snuffle Mat

According to a study conducted by the Veterinary Medicine Department at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, dogs who participated in enrichment activities had better appetites, less frequent barking, greater interest in a variety of activities, and less despair. This demonstrated that there is evidence to support the claim that mental stimulation improves a dog's well-being.

A dog's confidence and sense of success are increased through mental stimulation. Most importantly, it makes life better by assisting in the prevention of boredom, worry, and frustration.

Dog Snuffle Mat VS Slow Feeder Bowl

Slow feeders and snuffle mats for dogs are examples of enrichment feeding toys. By satisfying their natural foraging tendencies, they might make your dog feel more upbeat and encourage them to eat more leisurely.

Slow feeders for dogs might aid in avoiding significant issues like bloat. Snuffle mats, on the other hand, go above and beyond plastic slow feeder dog bowls or puzzle dog bowls to offer mental engagement and dog enrichment while feeding. For quick eaters, snuffle mats can take the place of a dog bowl. They are not only a terrific technique to encourage your dog to eat more slowly, but they may also supplement exercise, lessen anxiety, and give your dog something enjoyable to do.

How to Clean Your Snuffle Mat

The dog snuffle mat is one of several dog toys that are infamous for being among the dirtiest items in the house.

They give your pet a lot of entertainment, but they also collect drool, food scraps, dirt, and whatever else your dog decides to leave behind. As a result, cleaning them should be a routine operation that doesn't always require a deep wash.

Dog Snuffle Mat

Depending on the extent of the mess, you have a few alternatives for cleaning a snuffle mat.

  • Spot clean any spots that require it with a rag, some light detergent, and water, and then let the area air dry.
  • The snuffle mat should be soaked in cold water and laundry detergent for an hour, then rinsed with cold water and any remaining moisture squeezed out.
  • As directed, use a delicate and cold cycle when washing the snuffle mat in the washing machine.
  • You'll need to develop a regular cleaning plan based on how frequently your dog searches for treats on their mat. Every time they use the mat, shake it off over the sink to remove any leftover food. Be watchful here since crumbs might easily be tucked away between the cloth strips.

How to Keep The Snuffle Mat For Dogs in Top Shape

There are certain things you can do to extend the life of your dog snuffle mat and make sure your dog keeps their favourite toy nearby for as long as possible.

Use these suggestions to keep your snuffle mat in great condition for years to come.

Shake Out Mat

Shake the mat out over the sink or on your lawn after each usage to give it a basic cleaning. This will remove any crumbs that could still be inside the strips and deter pests from approaching them while it's not in use.

Regular Cleaning

Even if it might not appear to be much of a mess, a closer look will probably show otherwise. Establish a regular cleaning programme to maintain it clean and stop the growth of mould, strange odours, and long-lasting stains.

Dog Snuffle Mat

Keep Stored Away

Keep your dog's mat out of their reach whenever they aren't actively playing with it or looking for treats on it. Have a secure place to store it and just bring it out when it's time to play; it shouldn't be utilised as a bed or a place for them to eat their daily meals.

Air in Sunlight

Your snuffle mat will stay much fresher if you expose it to some fresh air and sunlight in between cleanings. It's preferable to keep it in a dark area because direct sunshine can fade the fabric.

Dry Them Thoroughly

Some snuffle mats can be dried in a tumble dryer, but doing so too frequently could reduce their lifespan. Place them away from direct sunlight, beneath a fan or windy window, and let them slowly air dry for best results.

9 Reasons Why Dog Snuffle Mats Are a Good Idea

So, what are the benefits of using a snuffle mat for your dog or cat? Snuffle mats have several advantages, so let's look at some of the most important ones.

Dog Snuffle Mats Provide Mental Stimulation

Dogs are renowned for being inquisitive and adventurous. Most people easily grow bored, which leads to inappropriate and harmful activities. Fortunately, one of the best methods to encourage dogs to engage in an activity that stimulates their minds is through food. Because your dog will spend more time searching through the mat for food than eating everything from a pile in a bowl and finishing it in a few minutes, a snuffle mat for dogs aids in the development of cerebral stimulation.

 dog snuffle mats

This is especially beneficial for pets that are unable to participate in their daily brain stimulation-involved canine enrichment activities. For instance, people who are on a recovery programme with limited exercise options or those who have mobility, hip, or joint problems. Snuffle mats give dogs enrichment as they eat, making them an excellent method to keep your pet happy and stimulated.

Stops Fast-eating

You already know that quick feeding might be harmful if your pet is a messy, greedy eater. To help your dog eat more safely, you have looked into a dog bowl for fast eaters. Some dogs who eat too quickly create a vacuum with their stomach muscles to swiftly consume the food. Fast eating may result in bloating, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and undigested food. Bloat is perhaps one of the major risks associated with your dog eating too quickly.

So, what is the best technique to train your dog to consume food more gradually? A DOG SNUFFLE MAT! You can use it as a dog bowl for picky eaters and encourage gradual eating in your pet.

It is Great for Recovering Dogs

Your dog may be recovering after an operation or an injury. Snuffle carpets give dogs that are unable to engage in demanding "doggie style" exercises plenty of exercises. You can be certain that your dog exercised every muscle in its body by using a snuffle mat. In order for Coco to find the food and concealed goodies, the snuffle mat needs to contain both food and treats.

Dogs in recovery will remain active and at a healthy weight thanks to this exercise.

Burns Extra Energy

You'll be happy to learn that the snuffle mat can assist your dog calm down if they are high-energy and always moving. The sniffing and foraging actions serve to release happy hormones and give your dog mental stimulation in addition to allowing him to concentrate for a time. It's a terrific method to get kids to burn energy while you do other things because working their brains in this way for 15 minutes can be just as exhausting as walking for an hour.

Snuffle Mats For Dogs Reduces Stress

Dogs who are not given enough mental and physical stimulation and exercise may become agitated and depressed. Instead of lounging about and picking at your furniture at home, a snuffle mat provides an excellent pastime for your pet. Dogs enjoy smelling, and a snuffle mat will provide them with an amusing experience.

dog snuffle mat

Dogs have a particularly keen sense of scent, which helps to lower stress. Additionally, the actions people must take to obtain the food will increase their feelings of satisfaction and comfort. You should continue exercising your dog even if you provide a snuffle mat. However, because they are receiving more mental stimulation, they can be a great addition to exercise for reducing stress.

Helps Maintaining Dog's Weight

Sadly, many dogs today are obese. It's so prevalent that veterinarians think it's one of the gravest welfare problems affecting dogs today. Unfortunately, the most frequently cited justification for canine overweight by owners was "giving in when my pet begs for food"(opens in new tab). Snuffle mats have the benefit of slowing down eating, which gives the body time to realise it is full. Dogs who are fed gradually will feel satisfied towards the conclusion of their meal, which will lessen the amount of begging that follows. This should help owners follow their dog's diet and lose those excess pounds as a result!

A Great Workout For The Nose

Dogs' sense of smell is one of their most important senses. When out for a walk, dogs frequently use their noses and enjoy sniffing out many intriguing objects. A dog's existence at home may be a little more monotonous. They get an additional opportunity to exercise their noses thanks to the snuffle mat. Most dogs prefer the act of smelling something out to the food reward at the end.

These mats are occasionally employed in the training of working animals, such as search-and-rescue dogs or sniffing dogs. When utilised in this manner, they are sometimes called "nose work mats."

Encourages Brain Usage

Canine cognitive dysfunction, often known as canine dementia, is a prevalent disease in senior dogs. Dogs with dementia experience anxiety in their later years, much like people do. They have trouble recalling instructions and could lose track of their potty training.

snuffle mats for dogs

Daily forgetfulness and a shifted sleep-wake cycle in some dogs can result in insomnia. It is believed that encouraging dogs to use their brains as they age can delay the onset of canine dementia. In other words, a snuffle mat keeps senior brains engaged similarly to a Sudoku puzzle!

Prevents Begging For Foods

When your dog starts pleading for food, it can be quite tough to refuse their puppy eyes, and most pet parents just give in every time. When it results in their canines gaining weight, this poses a serious issue. The fact that a snuffle mat slows down your pet's eating is one of its advantages. This can make them feel more full, just like it does for people. Dogs who eat slowly will feel satisfied and full near the conclusion of their meal, which will reduce the amount of food begging that follows.

Do Snuffle Mats Have Any Downsides?

Simply put, no, not really. In fact, when I interviewed a considerable number of vets, no one reported having observed any behavioural or medical difficulties with them!

Of course, hypothetically, if your dog chews and swallows the mat, it may prove to be a choking hazard or end up as a foreign object. Therefore, keep an eye on your dog and make sure they're using the mat properly, especially if they're a known "chewer." The greatest dog toys should be discarded and replaced when they become worn or torn to lessen the possibility of bits falling off and being ingested.

Are Snuffle Mats Good for Chewers?

They are not because chewing is not its intended usage. However, there is a fix for it. Consider your pet's prefered style of design when you shop for them. For instance, although some dogs enjoy chewing on objects, others prefer to keep busy. Additionally, bear in mind that some snuffle mats are not designed to be chewed on, so keep an eye on the dog whenever they are using one.

What to Look For in a Dog Snuffle Mat

Snuffle mats for dogs are my favourite since they provide wonderful enrichment activities. Who doesn't have a tale of a bored dog getting up to mischief? But what qualities should a mat have?

Washable: Whether or not the snuffle mat can be washed is one of the most essential factors to think about. If you can't wash the filthy mat, it makes no sense. It would be ideal if it could be washed in a machine. Make sure you read the washing directions.

Material: The fabric needs to be suitable for dogs. If the material is easily worn down, it can provide a choking hazard. To find the best material, do your study before buying the mat.

snuffle mats for dogs

Non-slip Bottom: Ah! I cannot emphasise how important a non-slip bottom is. If you get a dog snuffle mat without a non-slip bottom, even your young dog will be able to easily shift it.

Lightweight: If you travel frequently, a lightweight, transportable dog snuffle mat would be a better choice. Verify whether or not it is simple to attach.

Dog Snuffle Mat - Appropriate Size For Dogs

Personally, I don't believe that dog snuffle mat size is particularly important.

You can start with a little one to see how much your dog likes it because they are frequently less expensive.

Consider purchasing a larger snuffle mat if you enjoy playing with them frequently with your dog. Nevertheless, you can continue using your original little snuffle mat or use two of them simultaneously.

There are no hard-and-fast guidelines, so it's best to follow your own judgement and that of your dog.

You may easily add some rewards wrapped in used toilet paper rolls or egg cartons to your play area in addition to the snuffle mat if you wish to make sniffing activities longer or more complex in the future.

Snuffle Mats For Senior Dogs

My prefered senior food enrichment activity is the dog snuffle mat. The use of snuffle mats is simpler to learn than that of many other enrichment activities. Snuffle mats are toys that you can make or buy that let dogs sniff and look for treats that are concealed. Usually, fleece strips are connected to a mat in this way. Dogs can be fed using snuffle mats, utilising their innate need to seek food.

snuffle mats for dogs

Snuffle mats can be filled with dehydrated proteins for raw feeders. I create my own by slicing proteins very thinly and baking them for eight hours at 175 degrees Fahrenheit on racks in my oven. For my dogs to eat, I crumble this jerky and scatter it around the snuffle mats.

With a snuffle mat, keep an eye on any dog. When the dog is finished, pick it up right away to prevent him from being tempted to chew on the cloth and turn this feeder into a chew toy. If you're getting them for your elderly dog, they must have a non-slip bottom. If not, it might hurt your dog.

Dog Snuffle Mat - Sneak in Some Obedience

Dog trainers frequently say, "Dogs repeat behaviours that are rewarding to them." Use the great game of finding treats in the dog snuffle mat to encourage your dog to perform a few obedience exercises. 

While you prepare the mat in front of your dog, ask them to "sit." Once you want them to start smelling, you can give them a release command like "okay." When you place the goodies on the mat and before you give the release order, you can also use the 'Leave it' command. Use the dog snuffle mat as a training reward.


The snuffle mat can also be used to assist your dog to sit quietly beneath the table at the pub or when at the groomer as a terrific distraction for your dog.

Slowing down fast eaters

Dog mealtimes are monotonous. They frequently receive one meal a day from a bowl, allowing them to easily consume one of their favourite things, food. Or they can choose to ignore it and barely eat anything at all since it's so dull. All of this can be altered with a Ruffle Snuffle mat. Once you've trained your dog to search for goodies, you may gradually introduce more kibble (dry food) and switch it out for their bowl during mealtimes. Divide the dish you give your dog into two portions to make the activity last longer.

Energy zapper

Did you know that 15 minutes of sniffing burns the same number of calories as an hour of walking? Because of their endless energy even after a stroll, puppies of very active dogs become perfect candidates for a Ruffle Snuffle exercise.

Additionally, the sniffing will calm you down and divert your energy to something else.

Snuffle Mats For Dogs - Have Fun Together!

I don't just throw some treats on the snuffle mat, give it to my dog, and go away when I do that. No, I stick with him and encourage him. "Yeah! A good boy! Find more of them!" My dogs don't need me to encourage them because they both like finding treats, but I still want to join in on the fun! I get to dispense the treats, give them the search mat, and then I get to provide the witty commentary. I can join in on their fun in this way. I love it because it strengthens our bond and because laughing with my dogs while they have fun is one of the best parts of dog ownership!

snuffle mats for dogs

Where to Buy Dog Snuffle Mats Online?

Snuffle Mats are becoming more and more popular. Why leave the house when Dry Paws promises free delivery to any location in Australia in just 3-5 days? Our Snuffle mat is made of premium, non-toxic materials that are safe for use by dogs and resistant to bites. It is durable as a result of these qualities. You won't have to keep buying it, saving your money from being wasted. We also provide hassle-free returns. We take great pride in not subjecting any of our goods to animal testing.

DryPaws Snuffle Mat For Dogs

Use the dog snuffle mat to hide treats or little nibbles that your dog must find in order to train his or her nose, burn off excess energy, and help them shed some pounds.

Dog snuffle mats from Dry Paws have become a household name and are regularly recommended as the "must-have" slow feeder for dogs who eat dry dog food and treats. What, though, are Dry Paws snuffle mats exactly? Do they fit your dog's needs? You can comfortably use the snuffle mat by DryPaws. Read the wonderful features -

🐶 Safe Material: Protect your pet's nostrils from the friction of the plastic food bowl with this high-quality thickening polyester flannel collar. It features safety, innocuity, wear-resistance, biting resistance, teeth cleaning, and a reduction in tooth problems.

snuffle mats for dogs

🐶 Non-slip Bottom: The mat is secure and pure for your cherished pet. Unique dog training mat with a cotton fabric bottom design and a spherical flower form. The softest cotton feels like grass and is kind to your pet's delicate face and body.

🐶 Easy To Store And Clean: When finished, you can hang up the portable design's hook. Simply toss this mat into the washer and disregard it. It is safe for the dryer and machine washing. Excellent for your pets' activity both inside and outside.

🐶 Different Sizes: There are two available sizes. Purchase the one that fits your dog's size.

🐶 Wide Application: Any breed of dog, regardless of age or size, as well as rabbits and other animals, will like it. This device is useful for any animal with a natural propensity for foraging. A fun game for your pet to play while foraging.

DIY Dog Snuffle Mat

Do you know how simple it is to create a DIY dog snuffle mat? Your dog will love and benefit from using a snuffle mat, and the good news is that you can construct one at home. Making a dog snuffle mat at home only takes a few minutes and doesn't require a lot of materials or tools.

"How can I make a dog snuffle mat?"

snuffle mats for dogs

Follow the simple instructions below to build the mat:

  • Gather the necessary supplies, including a fleece material yard and a rubber sink mat.
  • Cut the fleece strips into strips that are an inch or an inch and a half wide and six to seven inches long.
  • Put one of the strips through the mat's hole, then insert the other end through the following hole, tying the knot as you go.
  • Once finished, flip the mat over to the opposite side to see whether any remaining holes are empty.

Spend some time teaching your dog how to use the mat.

Simply place some treats or kibble on top of the snuffle mat to make it easy. After a while, bury the treats behind the mat's folds to entice your dog to search for them and consume the food.

What Else Can You Do?

To fully exhaust your dog, including some intellectual activities in their regimen in addition to increased physical activity. Our dogs' lives are enriched by mental stimulation since it gives them worthwhile activities to perform. Additionally, because these activities soothe boredom, our dogs are less likely to exhibit undesirable behaviours like excessive chewing or barking.

Snuffle mats may be a lot of fun, stimulating, and entertaining. Are you not sure if your dog needs a snuffle mat, though? Snuffle toys are one of your additional foraging-encouraging alternatives. Some snuffle toys have squeaky toys to add to the enjoyment while keeping your dog wondering where the treats are buried.

If you opt to spend the money on obedience classes, you can gain both mental and physical stimulation. You may strengthen your relationship with your animal companion by working on a fun project together that will get you both out of the house for a while.

snuffle mats for dogs

It's a wonderful mental workout for your dog if you can teach them how to navigate an obstacle course. And don't worry if you don't have any agility jumps or poles at home; you can construct your own or simply use items from around the house as substitutes.

There is one game that your dog will always be eager to play when it comes to canine brain stimulation. a quest for dog treats!

Take your dog into a different room and hide a variety of homemade dog goodies. At least with homemade treats, you know they are good for your dog. I allowed her in the first room after that.

Watch as your dog looks everywhere for the cleverly concealed treats!

Assume the objective is delayed feeding. If you're seeking more ways to keep your dog mentally bright, brain games can be a smart option. While each dog is unique, brain games for dogs and interactive dog toys can help you come up with creative ways to keep your pet occupied and happy while also teaching him good manners. Try out a few games to see which ones your dog prefers.

The Bottom Line

That's all, then! Dog Snuffle mats are a terrific method to amuse and mentally challenge dogs while also allowing them to eat more slowly. They are great for puppies, senior dogs, and those recovering from physical injury or surgery because working for your food is much more enjoyable and rewarding than simply being given a large bowl full. Why not try it out? We also provide various dog goods that will greatly simplify your life. Visit us to find out more.

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