Potty training a puppy is extremely messy. 

We make it a whole lot easier, more predictable, less stressful, mess free, better for the environment, 

and more fun.

Dear Puppy Owner,

We get it.

Potty training a puppy is messy. Really messy.

You’re probably worried about where your puppy will pee or poo next.

Stressed and sleeping like a teething two-year-old.

As your hair begins to fall out like a golden retriever from all the uncertainty.

And to top it all off.

You’re running rampant all over the house like a dog on heat with the zoomies.

Trying to find out where that smell is coming from.

It's a disaster!

Should I use a crate to train? Start using specially designed scent spray? Glue plastic single use puppy pads on the floor so they stay put?

Document my whole flippin’ puppies toilet training timesheet and post it on Instagram?

What about fake grass?

Errrrrrrbody’s talkin’ bout fake grass…lemme give ‘em a go.

Actually….should I start using a clicker? Drop $3k on a dog trainer? 

Ah, got it! What about smothering my puppy with ‘positive re-enforcement’... that won't create any attachment issues later...

Will it?

*somebody paw-lease pull out my eyelashes*

Look, most dog owners have a bad case of new puppy syndrome, mixed with a scoop of POO… and a sprinkle of “Pee”.

And they end up doing a little bit of this…a little bit of that.

Soon, they’re tearing out their hair with all the things they “have to” do.

We call this shit show, “the pound”.

Also known as hell.

It’s loud, smelly, hot and muggy in there.

and worst of all, expensive.

“I’d give anything to know how to keep my puppy from peeing all over my floors”

Let's not lift your leg up on the couch here, ‘snoop dog’.

You’ve tried single-use puppy pads.

More than once.

It didn’t work... *surprise, surprise*.

And, you’ve had it up to your nose…

With single-use puppy pad rubbish scum bags.

Who sold you the world, and at best, delivered more smell and mess than you can ‘chew’.

Lemme guess, you laid it down hoping your fur baby would know where to aim and fire…

On a promise, it would ‘stay’ put 

While keeping your floors nice and squeaky clean.

Then, these so-called ‘single-use puppy pads’ got destroyed and ‘chewed up’.

Yep, they filled your pup's belly with plastic waste. 

That might just absorb fluids, expand, and get stuck in the intestines.

Leaving you with tiresome, worried vet visits 

And many debits from your bank account.

After months of ‘pee and poo all over your home’.

With nothing but more ripped-up plastic waste to clean up.

You take a deep breath, 2 glasses of wine, and decided, maybe I’ll have an outside dog…

‘Drop the ball’ and give up.

Those sad puppy dog eyes, tell you what you already know…

Your fur baby deserves comfy and cozy to be by your side, indoors with you.

So you take your furbaby and go back to ugly, flimsy, thin plastic single disposable puppy pads. What a 'waste'...

Of your time, your pups time and landfill.

Absolute garbage.

*In walks Dry Paws*

Listen here...

While disposable puppy pads were great… 

…In 1990!

The fact is... 

It’s not the 90s anymore 

and the environments suffering enough from all other plastic waste industries.

You're tired, your floors tired.

Doesn’t sound like the fairytale you imagined, hey.

Why not turn your home into a majestic palace.

A place where the ‘Snoop Doggy Dog’ loves to come and visit.

Bringing you all types of gifts, like:

Warm, fuzzy cuddles.

Delicious soft face licks.

Silent but deadly farts.

And best of all, countless hours of laughs together…. 

The best company EVER.

You don’t want the stress or headache of being forced into becoming your dog's servant, Cinderella.

In your very own household?

Attending to your fur baby mess all day.

You lost control, in your own home.

Just imagine… 

Where’s the paw-ty at? 

Let’s raise the woof!

Busters howling “You ain’t nothing but a pound dog.”

While your are no longer living in a beautiful clean family property. 

It’s trashed and you feel like it’s a ghetto kennel.

He’s Great Dane-gerous.

And all about that pug life.



Anything is paw-sible.

Well, lemme tell you one very obvious detail that most dog owners overlook. 

Sending thousands of pooches outside to the dog house…

Along with hubby.

Puppies have teeth... and they love to use them!

The best target? 

Why not their plastic, leight-weight puppy pad. 

Mom won't care.

And the most durable, super absorbent with ultimate jaw-biting durability… 

On planet Earth comes from:

*Drum Roll Paw-leaaaaasee Teddy.

*Que lights Lassie.

*Bark “You ain’t nothing but a pound dog.” Buster.

*Sally rip up that plastic puppy pad.

Dry Paws.

The Premium Re-Useable, Machine Washable Puppy Pad.

Before you ‘roll over’ and go back to your newsfeed or continue searching on google.

‘Sit, stay’ and hear me out…

Cos’ I’m not some guru who’s saved a few fur-parent homes from the mess your dog creates.

Neither am I someone who has helped a dozen or so dog owners keep their floors, carpet, furniture, car or bed clean and hygienic with a puppy in the home, forever within minutes…


30,000 Australian dog owners already trust our word and have made the switch to the better solution.

And that is Dry Paws.

Creating a clean, hygienic and cozy home for your family and pets. 

Dry Paws has saved fur friends Hundreds of $1,000s in professional carpet and furniture cleaning, repair, and replacement.

Unlike any other dog pads on the market from big retailers or imitation businesses, Dry Paws is designed to last for days without any leakage with our unique anti-leak design. 

You’ll be ‘barking’ for more.


You've never experienced a puppy pad like this before.

So… If you’ve put all your trust into single-use puppy pads…

These alarming stats will likely scare the pants off you!..

Single-use puppy pads can take up to 500 years to degrade in landfills.

As a plastic waste product, puppy pads cannot be recycled or composted. 

With many puppies requiring frequent puppy pad changes, at an average of 2 plastic pads minimum per day.

And 6 months of potty training.

That’s over 360 big pieces of garbage covered in sh*t.

The amount of plastic waste produced really can add up quickly.

And instead, the only cleaning being done is your bank account.

But it’s not just millions of kilograms of harmful plastic waste damaging planet Earth.

And the draining of your bank account you should be worried about.

The average dog destroys most of these pads before use.

So that’s 💦 and 💩 all over your floors.

And so much waste for nothing!

But listen, if you’re sick and tired of cleaning your pooches' mess…

And you truly, want a puppy pad that resists more than 300 washes in the washing machine.

Without getting ripped up and destroyed before target practice.

Meaning 1 single puppy pad, saving 300 disposable, un-compostable pieces of plastic going to landfill.

Then we have good news…

We’ve designed the best and most unique multi-purpose puppy pad


That's why over 30,000 Australian dog owners have already made the switch.

Deciding to boycott single-use puppy pads.

Adopt the life changing insider veterinary trade-secrets that open the possibilities to an easy, carefree human canine bond.

Forget worrying about EVER treading in PEE AGAIN! 

We’re talking about the most effective way to keep your home free from nasty accidents and stains.

Stopping that horrible dog smell that quickly fills your home and nose👃🤮

Protecting your carpet, beds, cars, playpens, rugs, crates, travel carriers, furniture & sofas from PEE INSTANTLY 💦

While saving thousands in carpet, floor, and furniture replacement 💰 

Well, you can get your hot little paws on the product that will change your puppies potty training FOREVER...

Dry Paws reusable puppy pads knows how to ’stay’ put better than your pooch waiting for a big juicy bone.

And the specially designed Anti-Slip Grip Bottom.

Will catch all the mess.

Never dropping the ball.

Or soaking through.

Our super absorbent form shaping design was created specifically for protection from those nasty accidents, without the need to keep a close eye on your furbaby at all times.

Truuuuust me.

(I really shouldn't be teaching you this for so little money *cough* free!).

But hold up, buster. I’m not done.

Extremely durable, machine washable & easy to clean.

This is the secret sauce.

And it all comes down to the durability and cleaning.

That’s right.

The cleaning.

When you get home after a long days work right, everything takes that little bit longer.

Usually, a lot harder.

You are ridiculously tired.

Your kids are hungry.

Dogs ripped up their puppy pads...

Waiting patiently, ready to greet you at the door.

Excited to show you the art work he's painted.

Masterfully over your home.

The floors, carpets, bed and couch...

All covered in piss and sh*t.

So be the slave and he be the master.

Cause hubby walked right over it, pretending he didn’t see anything.

And, as a result…

Your hair slowly starts to go fifty-shades of grey.

So let’s make it easy for you.

No mess on the floor. 

And it’s completely machine wash and dryer safe.

Saving you all that cleaning.

But it can’t just be easy to clean, for your sanity!

That ain't gonna cut the mustard.

Dry Paws focus on being different.


And as dramatic as possible!

“But my dog is different and he will destroy it in minutes”.

We know your worried your dog is too destructive. 

But we're so confident in the durability of our puppy pads we're offering an exclusive. 

30-Day No Questions Asked Destructive Dog Replacement Guarantee FREE on all:

*Puppy Pads.

*Oversized throws.

*And Dog Towels in your order. 

That means, we will replace any of the above your furbaby destroys within the 30 day period.

And the kicker is, that begins the day your pads arrive. 

So try our puppy pads today with confidence.

And don’t forget we’ve done this for over 30,000 cheeky Australian dogs…

Plus we have received thousands of 5 star reviews from happy customers.

This is working like crazy for annnny breed of dog.

This brings me to the last step.

The "catch," if you will.

So what now?

If you would like a guaranteed way to finally keep your home free from nasty accidents and stains…

While saving thousands in carpet, floor, and furniture replacement.

Then this will be the most exciting part you’ll ever read.👇

When you add a product to cart you'll unlock our Huge 'Bundle & Save' pricing.  

Our hope is, you'll be so impressed...

That you'll be wishing you got more.

Cause this sale isn't staying online for long.

But you certainly don't have to.

If you're not feeling it, simply click "back" in your browser and continue watching hilerious reels or searching on google for another solution, you won't find it.

Does that sound fair?

I hope so.


Stay strong dog lover Your prince charming awaits below 👇

Premium Re-Useable Accident-Proof Puppy Pads (Kitten & Other Pets)

Australia's best solution to flimsy, single-use puppy pads.

Comfortable, absorbent, and odour-controlling accident-proof puppy pads.

Durable, machine washable, and designed to handle whatever your fur baby throws at it. Saving you a lot of time cleaning up, allowing you to enjoy your new puppy while doing it all single-handedly!  

Dog Training & Accident Protection Products


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