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A guaranteed way to finally keep your home free from nasty accidents and stains…

while saving thousands in carpet, floor, and furniture replacement.

And here are the big five reasons why 30,000 Australian dog owners are changing the way they watch Netflix with their dogs by switching to the world's most comfortable, high-quality, specially designed accident proof dog blanket by Dry Paws.

🐶 Super absorbent, form shaping design for protection from those nasty accidents without the need to keep a close eye on your furbaby at all times.

🐶 Strong non-slip bottom giving a secure grip while your best friend jumps on or off the furniture, car backseats, or space being protected.

🐶 Multi-purpose home & car stain protection which can be placed on the floor, furniture, play pens, under food bowls, in the car, crates or on their bed.

🐶 Super soft, comfortable top layer, so your pet will just love the freedom you give them on your couch.

🐶 Machine washable and easy to clean while each pad saves an average of 300 disposable, plastic puppy pads ending up in Australian landfill.

Excellent product

"I used to use disposable wee pads until I discovered this excellent product. I can go to work and know that my lounge and floors are well protected as I continue to train my puppy. Easy to wash. "Extremely practical and worth every cent."

- Sarah Leicester

1. Softer, bigger, and super absorbent while setting firm boundaries!

Dry Paws Accident Proof Furniture Throw has super absorbency and can be used as a throw to protect your furniture from hair, dirt, drool, and those nasty yellow accidents, or as a super sized puppy pad for that extra floor protection while potty training. Your pup feels comfortable on our soft, microfiber throw while keeping your car, home, and floors free from mess!

The best part is that our oversized puppy pads and throws teach your furbaby firm boundaries.

You'll see their excitement when the throw comes out, so they can join Netflix n' Chill in comfort, and watch them understand to stay off the couch when it's put away with little training.

2. Washable and easy to clean!

Made from soft, breathable microfibre that absorbs messes quickly, this pet furniture protection blanket will help you save more time caring for your pet and keep your home free of nasty accidents and stains. Sounds good? It gets even better 👇

All Dry Paws puppy pads and oversized throws are completely machine-washable and dryer-safe. They're made of skin-friendly microfiber in a three-layer super-absorbtion design for durability. 

Completely machine- or hand-washable and can also be tumble-dried for easy cleaning. 

Dry Paws unique design is made to be extra-durable; cleaning this washable pee pad is simple, fast, and effective.

More importantly, with regular maintenance, it won't retain odors or stains!

3. Thousands of raving fans

Dry Paws puppy pads and oversized throws have gone absolutely viral on Facebook. Once quarantine hit, people decided their family needed another addition to the family, and Dry Paws offered a super easy, fun, and versatile solution to new puppy training. Just have 2-4 throws around the house (or wherever else you want to use them). Like your car), and you have the perfect protection from any mess your wet, muddy, and smelly best friend makes.

Our fans have a lot of fun making some crazy awesome videos with their fur friends and their Dry Paws puppy pads and oversized throws

4. Scared to Try Something New?

If you're a dog lover then you will be absolutely hooked on Dry Paws puppy pads and oversized throws

We are so confident that you will not only love it, but that you will tell all of your friend and family about it too. 

With that said, we offer a 100% Money Back Destructive Dog Guarantee* with no questions asked. 

We have to warn you though... Once you try Dry Paws puppy pads and oversized throws you will absolutely come back for more!

5. For dogs of all ages (and other animals) post surgery, puppy training and the Netflix binging sofa loving fur member

See how Dry Paws helps your fur baby's experience become stress- and stain-free while keeping them cozy with Dry Paws oversized accident-proof furniture throw.

Simone Milano: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

"I love the protection pads." I have bought about 6 in total. I first got them for my 16-year-old dog as she had trouble moving and controlling her bowels. but now i use them for the puppies' ( newborn) pens."

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Great for our old girl, not just puppies.

With 2 geriatric female dogs in our house using the accident-proof furniture throw on the dog beds has been a god send. I was dubious but have been convinced since using them. Great product thank you.

Judith McKenzie

Oversized re-useable dog accident-proof throw

Very happy with my purchase. The throw holds on the furniture and doesn't slip off. So pleased I bought the big size!

Louise O'Brien

Throw rug/puppy pee pad

This lives on one end of the couch. A great match colour-wise, our pup is happy to lounge on it and we have peace of mind in the event of any ‘accidents’!

Rhys Baker


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